Google Already Search and Effectively Eliminates False Estimations on Play Store

It is true that Android has one of the most prolific applications that exist today, and far from entering ratings typical of the number of fake applications or income from developers on other platforms, the truth is that Play Store has not stopped improving since Android launched a few years ago.

In recent weeks the Mountain View giant has continued to Play Store renewal process, adding latest builds automatic removal of devices that we no longer use or the details of graphics, gameplay and controls in the valuations of the games.

In fact, are precisely estimations which brings us today here, because it was obvious that the Android app store needed a thorough review system of criticism, which suffered greatly from the false valuations on many applications and games.

Already warned a drastic reduction in the number of scores and false criticisms on Play Store in the last days, and today have received confirmation from Google, which has announced improvements in the backend that will allow you to more easily find this kind of ratings and dispose of them in one fell swoop.

Obviously, the company has not exactly relieved the method of decision-making, but the truth is that the false reviews have decreased and Google claims to be able to now identify more accurately the fake appraisals and those created by people that has been paid for doing so. In fact, the valuations now must be carried out only for those users who have tested the application, and that they have also not paid anything by rating it.

Google also indicates that it will keep monitoring on the applications that report large number of facilities through fraudulent means, and it has stressed the need that any application for Android posted in Play Store must comply strictly their policies for developers.

Without doubt great news that Google put brake to the gradual emergence of an infinite number of false valuations on many applications, something very annoying and always receiving more bitter criticisms from the community of users and developers.