Google Messenger 2.0 Becomes The WhatsApp of Operators, It Is Here The Standard RCS

The new one standard messaging RCS It is already here. The new and revamped version Google Messenger is the operators WhatsApp the World Association of operators and related companies GSMA It announced that it would begin before the end of this year.

Google Messenger 2.0 already are activating the Messaging RCS support in the compatible operators, which now can offer rich communication services with all the advantages of the popular messaging, such as group chat services, share high-resolution images, videos, audio notes, emojis or stickers from the messages of Google application.

RCS standard

The RCS standard is the successor of the SMS/MMS, which lets you send messages enriched through the data network or Wi-Fi network. At the moment they are activating it in the United States as a free service to compete against WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or iMessage. It remains to be seen if other countries begin to charge for these messages. To ensure successful operators would not have to charge, and at the moment they are not doing.

As it is the case currently with SMS/MMS messages RCS undergo operators servers. This means that the sending and receiving of messages RCS will not be managed by Google but by our operator. Will make it through from the RCS universal profile offering platform Jibe of Google and the server called GSMA-certified Jibe Cloud so the messages arrive as fast to any compatible carrier.

The main problem of the RCS standard is that at the moment it is only implemented in Android and not all the operators, still there is no any compatible application on iOS or Windows Mobile. Therefore, at the moment the number of contacts is reduced, but this could change in the coming months if Google launches Messenger on other operating systems and activate the all operators of the GSMA RCS support.

RCS in Google Allo?

During the launch of Google Allo confirmed that in future would integration with SMS/MMS with which it is possible that also integrates with the standard RCS to avoid having to use two applications.

Currently Google Allo-Google Messenger differences are various. In Allo all messages go through the Google servers. Google Messenger messages do not pass through Google, pass through the server operators. Allo now works for free with any operator in Android and iOS. Google Messenger at the moment only works in some operators and only on Android. Finally, Google Allo is integrated with the Google Wizard features intelligent responses.

For the time being Google will have three messaging services: Messaging service with cloud and multidevice synchronization Hangouts, intelligent messaging service Allo to the WhatsApp but managed by Google, then your messages application Messenger with the standard RCS from operators.

More news Google Messenger 2.0

Google Messenger 2.0 presents a change of interface, allowing you to find more easily to our favorite contacts, share hit several images, see that contacts have read our messages, who is writing, see an indicator of unread messages in the screen some devices and compatibility with Android Nougat.


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