Gummy Bears Instead of Smartphone: So Brazenly Cheaters Go on Touting

Until recently, alleged top smartphone at a price of 69.99 Euro were offered through various Web sites. The rudimentary, made together with a website builder online stores even promised the customer making the purchase without Schufa.

Nasty surprise in the package

Who was the supposed bargain offer, however experienced a nasty surprise. The Consumer Council Thuringia reported by a consumer who had ordered just such a Smartphone on the page The expected 69.99 Euro were cod due but for a bag jelly beans and a form to fill out. It was in small print, namely, that it by no means was the purchase or setting up price, but only an administration fee for the mediation of a Smartphone with contract.

Many shops, a rip-off

With the same scam were also the websites,, and on touting: supposedly cheap mobile phones, payment by cash on delivery and without Schufa information. Behind that always the same company, headquartered in the Caribbean: Verango AG. Also the formulations are the same, says Ralf Reichertz from the consumer advice centre in Thuringia, Germany. Meanwhile, the pages are no longer accessible.

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Recognize warning signs

Offered without Schufa and Web-shops, which offer only cash on delivery or advance payment as a payment method, you should confront with much skepticism. More warning signs are obviously copied general terms and conditions (GTC) with errors or an imprint that on foreign references, but is a German bank account.

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