Hackett London Us Shows That The 1960s Will Still Be Fashionable The Next Spring-Summer 2014

The traditional House of fashion Hackett London spring-summer 2014 presented on Monday his collection. Inspired by the 1960s, the parade of the British firm was a Magic exercise Thanks to the suitability of their enclave and setting in scene. Of course, successful ensembles which were also took much of the blame for this success. Do not miss it!

An incomparable

Attendees were cited in the Old Billingsgate Market in London, a formidable Victorian gallery that once hosted the world’s largest fish market.

The music sounded live, thanks to the make of the Philharmonic Orchestra It consists of 38 parts London. The song chosen for the occasion was ‘ Prospero´s Magic´ of Michael Nyman.

The inspiration

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this collection drinks directly from the 1960s. Two references Knights in the fashion of that time, are responsible for giving life to this collection:

-Terry O´Neill: photographer of celebrities immortalized with his camera to gentlemen of great charisma such as Frank Sinatra, Sean Connery and Michael Caine. Your photos in black and white, have not aged and in them his protagonists are male garments which over time have proven to be timeless.

-Rene Gruau: for his illustrations of fashion in the 60’s. Their stripes graphics and eye-catching colors can guess reflected in this collection.

The collection

The collection of spring-summer 2014 of Hackett is a celebration of sophistication and color. In this balanced set, certain parts stand out from the rest such as the yellow cotton seersucker suit, wraps and shorts in pink or the American edged to contrast.

The more classical side of Hackett is manifested in patterns of houndstooth, Prince of Wales and fabrics of the season as summer tweed, silk and flax. Blue, is full of life but without dazzle in fluorescent forms. A very nice shade we already discovered in the Burberry Prorsum parade of days ago.

Hackett London It is a fashion house that rarely leave out its origins. Why, as a culmination of the sensational spectacle, its parade closed with a block of six Mannequins dressed in the clothing of a sport born in England: cricket. Bravo!