‘Hacking Team’, Data Theft Confirms the Ability to “Spy” on iPhone with Jailbreak

The “hackers” have been “hacked“, you might say. As we reported earlier, the Hacking Team, an Italian company that deals with computer security well known in government circles, underwent the “theft” of about 400GB of confidential data, part of which were spread via Twitter.

The documents, says MacWord, confirmed the ability of the Hacking Team “entering” in a smartphone Android (from 2.3 to 5.0, preferably with root), BlackBerry OS (4.5 to 7.1),Windows Phone (8.0 and 8.1) or iPhone (from iOS 4. x to 8.1) on which you ran the jailbreak, and “check it”.

To gain control of an iPhone, Hacking software Team should be installed on device but the company would have the ability to jailbreak and infect a phone with its software through a computer that is connected. In the company’s “price list” hacking an iOS device or Windows costs 50,000 euros, for an Android or a BlackBerry do you need 40,000 euros.

Hacking Team uses a certificate signed by Apple which is used by companies to create software that can easily be installed on employee devices, in combination with iOS devices on which was jailbroken, to circumvent iOS application installation. In addition, the Hacking team, has managed to create an app that can capture keystrokes on your keyboard and install monitoring software.

Control for the smartphone you must still install an “Agent” can also monitor third-party messaging applications and location services

Last year, a similar thing happened to another company that deals with computer security,Range, which has suffered an attack that led to the publication of very important documents, creating a significant economic loss and of image.