Handmade Modern Costumes and Hunting Accessories by Stephanie Berger

Hunting and traditional jewellery? No sooner is what for the elderly?

Hunting or costume-jewelry also very fresh that, modern and cheerful look Goldsmith champion Stephanie Berger from Munich proves to us again and again!

Of course it produces spectacular other jewelry in her atelier in Munich Neuhausen: marriage and engagement rings, signet rings, bracelets… everything on the wishes of the customer individually and with a fine sense for the elegant detail. But their weakness is the modern and yet classy and elegant hunting and traditional jewellery!

Even if it has nothing to do with hunting or costume on the hat: who can delight for Bayern and the Alpine culture and not quite as “traditional” or even frumpy likes it, you will get at Stephanie’s range guaranteed stare!

The Jadgschmuck is produced either according to their own ideas, which spontaneously come you – inspired by nature, mountains, forest, or her brother (young Hunter) which then tells me what I have to do;).
Some customers bring their own trophies and cartridge cases from which she then manufactures as individual Charivari, key – pendants, and also personalised cufflinks lovingly crafted you. This individual and personal unique cause.

“It is important me with my jewelry of the many fashion jewelry with much bling bling me, & glitter to depose, and work only with genuine and high-quality materials.” Last but not least to the animal to give also a certain value the whole.”, Stephanie tells us.

And not too opulent or even frumpy hunting jewellery should work. You prefer it rather simple and clear. “Except for the Tiermotiven…die is somewhat playful” she laughs. Usually she produces her jewelry classic in silver, on request but also in gold.

In any case their animal Anhängsl are not just for the Oktoberfest or’s forest Festival, but for all lovers of hunting and traditional jewellery.

Best look around yourself at you – online or directly in her Studio.
And who goes to the sales exhibitions of the workshop 23 in the Bavarian court in Munich, which usually also hits them.

Here it goes directly to the hunting and costume jewelry by Stephanie Berger