How to Choose His Bag Airbag Anti Avalanche

A few years ago, you hear ABS or AIRBAGS and you still thought “a guy who will pitch you with the mechanics of his Peugeot 206 decorated with pink neon lights”. And you were right! But today more excuse, systems of ABS, snow pulse or even BCA backpack airbags could save you from an avalanche. They do not replace the triptych ARVA, shovel and probe, but used in addition they provide additional protection when the triggers of avalanches.Looks like another, it’s still better to ride in his underwear.

1. backpack avalanche – how does it work?
2 ABS backpack
3 bag Snow pulse
4 bag BCA
5. the limits of the airbag bags

How to Choose His Bag Airbag Anti Avalanche 1

Backpack avalanche- How does it work?

We don’t say enough, the best protection against avalanches, is careful not to trigger. Yes, but, sometimes, it does not prevent. And when it’s gone, it usually hurts and even if you’re a pro DVA(detector of avalanche victims) research. We don’t want to scare you, but caught in the avalanche, your buddy was able to understand what people feel your socks when they are stuck in the drum of your washing machine. Except that, Additionally, it was shaken near the rocks, trees, rock bars. In short, even if you find it before that not enough oxygen or it gets hypothermia, it may be bad. All that to say that it is better to not buried under an avalanche.

With an airbag backpack, you simply offer you an extra chance to miss a good fondue a day: when the avalanche is triggered, you pull a handle, bags swell, and if all goes well, you are “floating” on the surface. You’ll probably wet your pants, but you will be living. It’s simple and it relies on a friendly principle of the flow of materials: reverse segregation. The idea is that in an avalanche, the larger particles rise to the surface, while smaller are trained at the bottom. Thanks airbags, you increase your volume and you are less likely to be buried. And if unfortunately you are still completely buried, know that the inflated bags can stay on the surface and allow your mates to find you more quickly (once again, thanks to the use of the devices, ARVA, shovel and probe, which remain essential!)

A study conducted since 1995 has proved that the mortality rate of avalanche victims equipped with a bag Airbag System drops below 5% (it is about 13% without this device). It is not infallible, but worth it!

Now that you are convinced, we help you choose from the Tech 3: airbag ABS, Snow pulse bag and the bag backpack BCA.

ABS backpack

ZE technology. The first to get out a bag airbag, twenty years of development in the legs, a reference so.

Trigger system: ABS bags have the particularity of being alone have an explosive trigger system: a small pyrotechnic system is hidden in the release handle. You shoot, it communicates a pressure in a needle that pierces a cartridge filled with compressed gas. The balloons are inflated, you’re safe. Lastly we hope.

Reloading of cartridges: The cartridges and handles are for single use. Once used, these systems must be brought back to a dealer to be changed. It costs about 30 euros, so don’t overuse dangerous situations under penalty of traumatize your wallet!

Form of the airbag: ABS systems inflate two balloons of 85 liters, on the sides of the bag. They are accused of is not enough to protect the head (at the same time ball or not, if you encounter a large tree trunk…) but it is the system that gene the least to keep skiing. And to escape from the avalanche, it can be vital.

Feature: ABS has created a clever system, that allows to modulate the liters of your bag without having to buy a new bag ABS every time, and so to save money. The ABS system comes in the form of a ‘base’ on which you can zipper pockets smaller or larger, of 15 to 50 litres. Clever!

There are also “complete” bags who board the ABS, as the Patrol system24 Like what.

Weight: The system basic (without the pockets of the bag so) weighs 2.8 kg with a cartridge in steel. There are carbon also, a little more expensive but that reduce the weight of the bag to 2.4 kg. Add to that the weight of the zippered pockets, between 400 and 900 grams according to the chosen liters.

To learn more about the operation of the system, a video of the old Camp’ pretty well done:

Note, you can create your own bag ABS directly on the website of the brand, selecting the items you need. Go for a ride that’s fun.

How to Choose His Bag Airbag Anti Avalanche 2

Snow pulse bag

The main competitor of bags ABS, which offer both technologies: the bag RAS (Removable Airbag System) and the bag life.

Trigger system: Two technologies, RAS as life, enjoy a trigger cable. You pull the handle and mechanically the cartridge will release its gas to inflate the balloon. Easy as pie, but a little less evolved than the explosive system of ABS.

Reload: As the release handle using a cable, there is no need to change after release. On the other hand, it will take well obviously reload the cartridge. There are two types of cartridges: the first uses of the compressed nitrogen and must be change from a dealer. The second (heavier) Board of compressed air and can be reloaded as long as you have a compressor. Attention anyway, if you do not know how, do not try to blow into it. Your dealer will be happy to explain how to proceed, where you re – fill your cartridge for cheap.

Form of the airbag: Here also the Snow pulse technology to approach the bag ABS.One balloon is inflated and it forms a ‘U’ of 150 litres around the head. According to Snow pulse, this form of balloon is designed to make you float in the casting with the head up, allowing you to escape asphyxiation. In addition, your head will be better protected. Only problem, you’re really going to struggle to continue to ski or even see something.

Feature: Instead the system of ABS, the RAS will remove the Airbag in your bag for those days where you don’t need system. You can use your bag got rid of his RAS the summer for example. Smart.

The life system takes him the airbags in the bag, but their location in the straps allows to free the useful space of the bag. You still need to get used to very rigid braces and so not necessarily comfortable.

Weight: The weight is variable. For life bags (with the trigger in suspenders system) count without the cartridge 2300 grams to 15 litres 2800 grams in 45 litres. On the side of the bags that ship the RAS system, we’re going to 1500 grams without the RAS system to 2500 grams with.

There are two types of cartridges: one that take nitrogen weighs 500 grams, one that uses the compressed air 670 grams.

To see the RAS system, we found you this presentation made by our Snow Leader peeps:

The BCA FLOAT bag:

The latest technology of bags Airbags. He plays the card of the lightness and a lower price (approximately € 100 less) than its competitors.

Trigger system: A handful, with a cable that he must remember to screw inside your bag if you hope to make it “pshittt”.

Reload: The cartridges are in compressed air, and BCA sells even kits to recharge yourself. Simple and effective.

Form of the Airbag: It is not reminiscent of the ball of the Snow pulse. A ‘U’ behind and above the head. Can’t redo you the “for” and “against”, it works like the Snow pulse.

Feature: BCA is an American brand, still little known on European soil.Suddenly, she ranks as an outsider in the category of bags airbag. Most: they are sold cheaper than their competitors and play on the simplicity (of reloading of cartridges, usage of the system). The least: only a few testimonials from users of these bags and therefore somewhat difficult to assess the real reliability.

Weight: 2495 grams for the 22 litres, including cartridge model. That’s still almost 500 grams less than some competitors. How to Choose His Bag Airbag Anti Avalanche 3

The limits of anti avalanche bags

Yes, it’s like anything else, do not believe that the machine will do all the work for you. Bags airbag do not exempt to be especially careful and keep in mind some of their limitations.

-You will not help if the snow is very heavy or very powdery instead: in the first case you will be crushed by the power of the snow itself, in the other you may be muffled even on the surface. That’s too bad.

– Bag airbags (including ABS) systems are renowned for drag… the head forward! Anyway, if you have a large tree, bag or not bag, these are your feet which will finish in front of…

-Finally, be aware that the system does not occur automatically: If you do not operate the handle, nothing happens. Then it’s maybe sick at heart to use a gas cartridge which costs several hundred dollars, but when there is urgency, there is urgency.

If despite these few points you still want to make backcountry skiing this winter, equip yourself if you want to go around!

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