HP Wanted Apple to Develop a “Business Siri”

There are news that often do not come to light, but when they do, it’s funny to analyze them just to see what would have happened? or learn through them future ads or partnerships.

The Information site publishes a note where mentioned that HP was negotiating with Apple for the development of a business ‘Siri’ that would help their corporate customers in search of information related to the company and would be exclusive HP.

Next objective: the enterprise market

Earlier this year, HP was in pursuit of development by Apple with those who had already been very advanced negotiation, but once Apple closed the deal with IBM, possible collaboration between HP and Apple was eliminated.

HP, what I wanted was that Apple gave a part of the development of Siri, so that they could use it in products aimed at the business market, where voice Wizard to obtain specific data, such as financial information, inventory, among other things.

The curious thing about all this is that while HP negotiated with Apple, also it was with Google, looking for something similar, which in this case would work under Google Now, and even reports that also you They requested a Nexus team with hardware encryption with military specifications, but the project was scrapped by the same Andy Rubin.

Now what is mentioned is to know that Apple already does not work with HP, Google is seeking to move forward with the negotiation, incorporating a business voice for HP product Assistant, which would be a good play by Google urges that enter this market with Android, since although it has some participation in Samsung Knox, development is not theirs.

If this true, competition for the business market would be interesting, on the one hand Apple with IBM and the other Google with HP. As we shall see in what it ends this.