HTC Back to Record Profits, But You Can Not Sleep

As he is moving the market, and the constant bleeding of HTC, the most normal thing was to expect negative results by the Taiwanese company. Fortunately it has not happened, registering second-quarter income of the year. The data have not undergone audit before being presented, but are official

In the past few quarters, or the benefits they brushed the zero, or were negative for the company, at the same time that devotion revenues. Losses were recorded in the first quarter of the year 1.880 billion Taiwanese dollars, which are important to the modest 2,260 million dollars that have managed to win in the last period (56 million euros).

If we talk about income, we go to the 65,000 million dollars (NT$) – 1,600 million euros – trimester, which are nearly doubled from the previous quarter, and a figure very similar to what has been achieved in the second quarter of last year.

To make money with business was the role of many changes that have been carried out during the year, with the CEO of the House, directly involved in the creation of the new family of phones. Without going any further yesterday same you had and closed offices in Latin America.

Thanks to One, but must be more

Attributed much of blame for the improvement is the new line of products, headed by the HTC One M8, recognized by the critics, and welcomed by the high-end market. Accompany new terminals in intermediate ranges, all with DNA One, but the problem can come if they have nothing prepared for the season before holidays.

Apart from nurturing the range of access and media, for the season of autumn are expected new iPhone, many other Samsung models, and can not lose interest by the public which is pointing to the higher range.