HTC One Mini Is Confirmed By Netcom

A slip by Norwegian Netcom confirms HTC One Mini.

It is strongly in the mobile industry and unfortunate smuttere goes in a matter of minutes around the world.

Thus also in this case, where the Norwegian 4 g mobile operator Netcom Thursday afternoon confirmed the existence of the HTC One Mini, however, subsequent toning down of it again, which probably should be seen as a spin, to “put out the fire”.

In a press release about 4 g-surfing on the cell phone had Netcom attached a list of the smartphones that currently supports 4 g in their network. On list scoffed a reader of our site the new little One-model.

Later on Thursdays opposite our site Netcom tried to perform damagecontrol.

There have been several different “-lists internet here, and we are unsure as to whether this list is correct. In addition to it, I have no comment, “said Anders Bigseth was press employee.

Netcom has subsequently corrected the list in the official press letter.

Now we are just waiting on the official HTC press release. I wonder if an employee of Netcom Friday must give nitwit bajer, or find another job.