HTC One Yet on the Road in Nexus Edition

There have been many rumors-even a rejection by HTC, but it should be good enough. HTC One on the way in the Nexus-Edition.

Google surprised everyone when they are this year’s Google i/o presented Samsung Galaxy S4 in a pure Android version. And right after started the rumors about an HTC One in a “Google Edition”.

The rumors about an HTC One in a Nexus Edition, however, was quickly rejected, but not good enough for the speculation continued.

And now it had to be good enough – there will be an HTC One in a “Google Edition”.

Under AllThingsDigitals D11 Conference, it was announced that there is a special-edition on the way of the HTC Nexus One. The announcement came from Sundar Pichai, senior Vice President for Android. It writes our site.

HTC One in Nexus-series comes in first place in the US market with AT & T and T-Mobile, if it comes on the Danish market remains to be seen.

It comes on the market on 26 June, which is the same day as the Galaxy S4 in the Nexus series will come. So there is ready for competition. The price of the two units is $599 for unlocked HTC One respectively and 649 dollars for an unlocked Galaxy S4.