HTC Will Be Tried with Three New Smartphones in The First Quarter of 2017

HTC, despite having released a really solid proposal this year as it is the 10th HTC, did not go far enough to leave well where it is inserted, and the fact of having a price extagerado to a terminal like the HTC Bolt, the hardware is from last year, It has not helped them.

Despite no good results this 2016, the year that comes with, nothing more and nothing less, will continue trying to three phones during the first quarter in the hope that everyone can return, at least in part, to float the company, provided they are proposals that can really compete with the rest of high-end.

As we said before, will be three mobile phones HTC in the first quarter of the year which is the first one that the HTC X 10 in an event the January 12, the range medium with MediaTek helium P10 as brain, 5.5 inches FullHD display, 3 GB of RAM and a 13 MP back camera.

Second terminal would be which is known with the internal name of HTC Ocean, of which it is presumed that it would be the 11 HTC, the first flagship Taiwanese of the year, and that it would have the responsibility to fight competition from Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Sony, Huawei and other manufacturers. Expected that this terminal is presented on February 27, during the MWC in Barcelona.

The third in discord would be which is known as HTC Ocean Note, that, if it is confirmed that the Ocean is the 11 HTC, this would be a version with the larger screen. The Note Ocean would be commissioned to make the competition the rest of phablets, while almost none of it is not known. We could see it presented along with his younger brother or shortly thereafter.

Given that by now it is only rumors, the best thing is not to give them as completely certain and pray that to HTC will not be the hand at the time of put the price on the label.