Introduction to ACLIFIM

According to abbreviationfinder, ACLIFIM stands for Cuban Association of Physically-Motor Limited. It is a non-profit association, with its own legal personality; founded on March 14, 1980 by a group of people with physical-motor disabilities and is officially recognized as an Association by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Cuba.

Physical-motor limitations constitute one of the main disabilities that affect the world population. In Cuba, the psychosocial study of people with disabilities, carried out throughout the national territory in 2003, under the guidance of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, revealed that physical-motor limitations rank second among all disabilities, surpassed only by intellectually deficient carriers (mental retardation).


ACLIFIM ‘s mission is to Regroup, Organize and Guide People with Disabilities and incorporate them into a socially useful life.


The objectives of our organization are: the integration of people with physical – motor disabilities to a socially useful life with equal rights and opportunities, to achieve full access to work, study, sports, cultural and recreational activities, and to help the elimination of architectural barriers or any other existing in our society.

Other aspects of interest

Currently, ACLIFIM represents more than 74,000 associates before the Cuban Government and national and foreign organizations, a figure that is increasing despite the efforts made to prevent disabilities in the country. The directors of the association are people with physical – motor disabilities who are elected for a period of five years by secret direct vote in an assembly where all the associates of the country are represented. The association finances its administrative and social operations through the fees paid by its associates, a subsidy provided by the Cuban Government and donations from national and international entities. ACLIFIM maintains friendly relations with a considerable number of organizations of people with disabilities around the world and also with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), religious and private people, disabled or not, interested in defending the rights of people. People with disabilities. ACLIFIM wishes to promote the exchange of experiences and information with similar or related organizations, and with specialists related to the subject of people with physical – motor disabilities.

Sport and Recreation

The development of sport and recreation for the disabled play an important role, in terms of raising self-esteem and motivation, recognizing that despite having limitations, they can overcome the difficulties they present and achieve the desired goals.

ACLIFIM together with the National Institute of Sport and Recreation INDER are in charge of directing the selection, elaboration, design and preparation of the athletes and resources linked to the sports process, that is to say, organizing the general and specific competition system in each event to be done.

The Paralympic Games are a way of social insertion, which is considered as a means by which the specialist and the sports technician, with a rationally appropriate use, favor the preparation of the athlete and can be used as a multiple support in the different activities that are programmed. in the sports process.


Total associates: 76,904 (September 2009)

56.8% of them are male and 43.2% female. Our members are divided into two main groups:

  • Amputees – 14%
  • Paralysis – 86%

The paralysis group is made up of people who have paralysis or involvement of one or more extremities, of which:

  • 28% are spinal cord injured
  • 72% other Pathologies
    • Spinal cord injuries

The 18,189 spinal cord injured grouped in the ACLIFIM, represent 24% of the total of its associates. These are classified into:

  • 71% Paraplegics
  • 29% Quadriplegics


Our associates include a total of 4,983 children. 60.2% of these are boys and 39.8% are girls.

Address of the National Headquarters of ACLIFIM

National Headquarters

  • Address: Calle 6 #106 e/ 1ra y 3ra, Playa, Havana City, CP 11300, Cuba
  • Telephones: (537) 202 5070 209-3099
  • Fax: (537) 204-8787

Addresses of the Provincial Headquarters of ACLIFIM

  • Pinewood of the river

Address: González Alcorta #35 between Maceo Final and Martí President: Pedro Portales Pérez, Telephone: (048) 75-3968

  • Havana

Address: Calle 90 #9313 e/ 95 y 97, Güines President: Jorge Carabeo Telephones: (047) 52-2422

  • Havana city

Address: Ermita #213 e/ San Pedro y Lombillo, Plaza Presidente: María del Rosario Moreno Gómez Telephones: (07) 881-0911, 881-0857

  • killings

Address: Plácido #7103 e/Antonio y Anima Rpto, Versalles President: Julio César Abreu Falcón Telephones: (045) 24-4340

  • Villa Clara

Address: Juan Bruno Zayas #158 between San Cristóbal and Candelaria President: Rubén Morales Milián Telephone: (042) 20-7500

  • Hundred fires

Address: Ave. 60 #6122 esq. 63, Cienfuegos President: Armando Suárez Oramas Telephones: (043) 51-1677, 51-7291

  • Sancti Spiritus

Address: Cdte. Manuel Fajardo #204 e/ Longino Benítez and Julio A. Mella President: Reinaldo de Jesús Garrido Piñero Telephones: (041) 32-4231

  • Ciego de Avila

Address: Maceo #179 Esq. a Cuba President: Nelson Isaac Cervantes Almanza Telephones: (033) 22-4422

  • Camaguey

Address: Pedro Montejo #19 between 1st and Camino de Acueducto, Rpto. Eden President: Rosa María La Rosa Rodríguez Telephones: (032) 29-6747

  • prickly pears

Address: Lorenzo Ortiz #43 Esq. a Heredia President: María de los Ángeles Ávilas Pérez Telephones: (031) 37-1804

  • Holguin

Address: Miró #113 between Cable and Aricochea President: Alejandro Vargas Barreto Telephone: (024) 46-2343

  • Granma

Address: General García Extension #354 President: Jorge Luis Sosa Guerra Telephone: (023) 42-9549

  • Santiago de Cuba

Address: Calle 5 #205 between 8 and 10, Rpt. Vista Alegre President: Francisco Betancourt Serpa Telephones: (022) 64-1276

  • Guantanamo

Address: Barracks #1107 between Pinto and Varona President: Fausto Riquenes Nicot Telephone: (021) 32-5281

  • Isle of Youth

Address: Calle 37 s/ne/ 32 y 34, Nueva Gerona President: Héctor Tamayo Romero Telephones: (046) 32-4881