Introduction to ASUS

According to abbreviationfinder, ASUS, which stands forASUSTeK Computer Inc. pronounced ‘aa-Suess’ is a Taiwan -based company engaged in the production of motherboards , graphics cards, optical devices, PDAs, laptops, network management hardware products, mobile phones, computer cases, and cooling systems for computers.


ASUS was founded in 1989 in Taiwan by TH Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh, and MT Liao. Computer engineers from the firm Acer. The current executive and president of ASUS, Jonney Shih, joined the company in 1994. According to the director of sales of ASUS Alexander Kim, the name ASUS has its origin in the English meaning Pegasus, which refers to the winged horse of greek mythology. The first three letters of the word were dropped to give the resulting name a preferred position in alphabetically ordered lists. In 2004, ASUS announced that it had sold more motherboards than the combined sales of the other three leading companies in the industry, reaching 30 million.

ASUS also produces components for other companies, including Sony (PlayStation 2), Apple Computer (iPod, iPod Shuffle, MacBook), Alienware, Falcon Northwest, HP, and Compaq.

Data of interest

ASUS allows you to easily set Overclocking to your motherboards and other hardware components (mainly microprocessor, RAM and graphics card). To compete successfully, other manufacturers such as DFI (Diamond Flower Inc) have sought to optimize the performance of their products, primarily for NVIDIA’s nForce4 chipset on AMD K8 platforms. This competition has its origin since the release of the nForce 2 chipset (also from NVIDIA) on AMD K7 platforms and continues to the present with the entry of the new Intel Core 2 Duo microarchitecture, pending an already announced new DFI signature motherboard that competes with the existing nForce 680i (by NVIDIA) from ASUS and other manufacturers such as EVGA, ABIT, ECS and others already announced by MSI.


  • September/ October 2003: Enters the mobile phone market with the J100 model.
  • September 2005- Releases its first PhysX accelerator card (Currently expected May 2006).
  • December 2005: Enters the LCD TV market with the TLW32001 model, initially only available in the Taiwanese market.
  • March 9,2006: ASUS is announced as one of the producers of the first Microsoft Origami models, along with Samsung and Founder. Devices from Samsung and ASUS are expected in April 2006.
  • August 8,2006: Joint venture with Gigabyte Technology announced.

Production facilities

During the course of 2006, ASUS has built production facilities in Taiwan (Taipei, Lujhu, Nankan, Kweishan) and mainland China (Suzhou), with a monthly production capacity of two million motherboards and 150,000 notebook computers.

ASUS original technologies features

ASUS introduced a good number of original products and tools that complement its products aimed at facilitating or improving the customer experience in its use, especially in its motherboards. Along with third-party technologies, registered under specific names owned by ASUS.



  • ASUS ZenBook Prime UX31A


  • ASUS P8 H61-M LE


  • ASUS PhonePad
  • ASUS PadFone Infinity