Introduction to Dial

The word dial has different meanings depending on its etymological root. When the term is taken as a derivation of the English dial, it refers to the graduated piece on which an indicator moves that is responsible for indicating a magnitude (a speed, a wavelength, a weight, etc.).

In this context, the notion of dial is usually used in the field of radio to name the plate on which a needle or other indicator moves to select the desired frequency. Dial is also called all the radio stations that can be received in a certain region.

For example: “We are FM Noticias Urbanas, broadcasting on 99.7 of your dial”, “Do you know which station is transmitting the party? I can’t find it on the dial”, “I have worked on a large part of the dial in this province”.

Take the case of a station that transmits on the frequency 1480 kHz in AM (amplitude modulation). Whoever wishes to capture its signal and listen to its programming must select 1480 on the dial of an AM radio. Therefore, he will have to place the pointer on that number.

Currently many radio receivers have a digital screen where they display the tuned frequency, for which they no longer use the graduated piece or the dial needle. On the other hand, the radios that transmit via the Internet do not appear on the dial of yesteryear either. See Abbreviation Finder for acronyms related to dial.

In addition to all of the above, we cannot ignore the fact that in Spain there is a radio station that uses the term in question in its name. We are referring to Cadena Dial, which belongs to the PRISA Group, located within the field of communication, and which was put into operation in 1990.

It is aimed at both young and family audiences, it has become the second most listened to music radio station in the country after Los 40 and only offers music in Spanish.

To all this we must add that Cadena Dial awards every year, since 1996, some prizes that bear his name. The objective of these awards is none other than to recognize the most successful singers and groups that sing in Spanish in those twelve months.

Since these prizes began to be awarded, they have gone to artists of the stature of Malú, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Luis Fonsi, Pablo Alborán, Camila, Amaral or Sergio Dalma, among others.

Among the most significant programs that make up its grill are “Dial as is”, presented by Manel Fuentes; “Atrévete”, which on weekends has Rafa Cano as its announcer, and “Dial Latino”.

Dial, on the other hand, can also come from the Latin word diālis. In this case, the concept refers to that linked to a day (a time period of 24 hours).

In the same way, Dial is a brand of soaps and bath gels that was launched in 1948 in the United States and has the privilege of being the first antibacterial soap on the planet.