Introduction to Shower

In order to know the meaning of the term shower, it is necessary, first of all, to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can establish that it derives from the French word “douche” which, in turn, comes from the Italian “doccia”, which means “water pipe”. However, the latter comes from Latin, exactly from “duct”, which can be translated as “conducted water”.

This term, in turn, came to Spanish as a shower: the act and result of showering. According to abbreviationfinder, SH stands for Showers.

This verb (to shower), in turn, refers to wetting or getting wet with water that falls from above, generally with the aim of washing or refreshing oneself. Taking a shower or having a shower is therefore equivalent to bathing.

It is called shower, in short, to the fall of water on the body in order to clean it. Said fall can be done through a jet or as rain. The apparatus that allows this process to be carried out is also known as a shower.

For example: “I’ll take a shower before dinner”, “The scale buildup is blocking the shower’s outlet”, “I was taking a shower when the phone rang, so I couldn’t take your call”.

The main characteristic of the shower is that the subject remains standing under the water, unlike what happens when someone takes a bath. With the shower, on the other hand, the falling water does not accumulate but goes directly to the drain.

More and more people are betting on taking a shower instead of taking a bath because the former brings with it a long list of advantages, among which we can highlight the following:

-It is a way to save a significant amount of water.

-No less relevant is that the shower allows you to use cold and hot water while in the bathtub there is already water with a specific temperature. Precisely for this reason, the first option is considered a great way to activate blood circulation in the legs.

-The shower helps to activate the body, especially in the morning, in order to face the hard work day.

In the same way, it is highlighted that a shower is the best alternative to stay clean and refresh yourself when you do not have much time.

In addition to what is indicated, in more and more bathrooms of houses there are showers and not bathtubs. This is because the former take up much less space, require less maintenance, have a cheaper price and can be used more easily by older people or people with mobility problems.

In a house, the shower is in the bathroom, protected by a curtain or a screen so that the water does not wet the rest of the room. There are also public showers in gyms, sports clubs, swimming pools and other places. Depending on the place and custom, the person can shower naked or in a bathing suit.