iPhone 5S-That Is Why the Latest Monitor Rumors Not True

According to the latest rumors about Apple’s upcoming iPhone, screen resolution will be twice as large as on the iPhone 5.

The rumors about new smartdevices is many, and just the rumors about Apple’s upcoming iPhone currently in a strong current flowing on the Internet.

So will one of the rumors know that the next iPhone will have a display resolution that is twice as high as that on the iPhone 5.

But according to our site precisely this rumor will not give good sense. With simple math and a little logic, think the folks from our site, not to the dual screen resolution is realistic.

The resolution of the iPhone 5 is now at 640 x 1136, giving 727,000 pixels. If the resolution is doubled to 1,454,000 pixels, the monitor will be called 906 x 1606, which is completely awry when the graphics into existing applications should be scaled up to the new resolution.

Since Apple went from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 was pixels horizontally and vertically multiplied by two, which would also give better meaning to the next iPhone.