iPhone-Agreements with Mobile Operators May Be Illegal

The European Commission is examining whether Apple’s iPhone-agreements with mobile operators is illegal.

The EUROPEAN UNION is following Apple’s agreements with mobile operators that Apple might use to bully competitors-iPhone-agreements may be illegal. It writes our site.

The European Commission suspects the Apple via their contracts with suppliers, to keep rivals out of the market. However, the EU Commission is only in the initial stages of an investigation – here, they have sent a series of questions to several European mobile operators.

The Commission will inter alia have answers on whether Apple’s distribution conditions may give Apple an edge over competitors, as well as on the Apple mobile operators require buying a certain number of phones.

-“The Commission is in possession of information indicating that Apple and mobile network operators have entered into distribution agreements that could potentially lead to the exclusion of other smartphone manufacturers,” it says in an EU report according to the Financial Times.

The it industry has long since taken the possibility to complain about the competition to the EUROPEAN UNION .

According to the Commission, then in agreements for the possibility that some of the technical features of Apple products is disconnected in certain countries.

Questions must lead to a real case so requires the EU assesses Apple has a dominant position on the market.