L.B.M, The Italian Classicism That Best You Will Feel to The Autumn This 2013

If there is some kind of Haute Couture, which almost always captivates me and conquer, that is the Italian. I recognize that the classicism in shapes and textures It is something that has always captivated me and if this add a clean preppy style, that leave out the more young and informal and committed to a vision that is more mature and elegant, with a pattern of man more fact and law… the result is a collection that is as captivating as the L.B.M for your Autumn/winter 2013. You will see as you agree with me on this.

Things that attract us attention: the big bet that has made the firm making prints in multiple versions: Tartan, picture vichy and tweed they are people most abound in the outfits, combining with garments of wool, cotton or corduroy in earthy colors with great visual force or Greens, Texas, reds and oranges that follow them closely in terms of resiliency. The result are looks very combinable betting on games of textures and colors to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

The Add-ins they are without a doubt one of the strong points of the collection. Hats, scarves, foulards, watches… all of them with an Italian touch unmistakable, stamping Paisley in handkerchiefs and putting us at strategic sites of the whole as watchmakers pockets. Shoes, classic shoe, another of the big hits of the firm. No doubt and valuing it altogether, a bet rather than safe for our wardrobe last summer (If arriving…)