Lessons of Greek and Roman History at The Dolce & Gabbana Spring-Summer 2014

Lately all Dolce & Gabbana collections are, eyes the Viewer, the most attractive and versatile is the reason? That their patterns and notes that harmonize the entire collection are the less very patriotic and symbolic. And this spring-summer 2014 could not be different as he has made clear in the Milan fashion week.

For this reason, the Greek and Roman mythology It has taken all the outfits of the catwalk and did the next summer to learn history to hit visual of some of the great tailor in the world of fashion that is first and foremost, Italian. Welcome to the kinds of classical culture of Dolce & Gabbana.

The outfits that are committed by the historical prints set in Greek and Roman mythology as well as traditional aspects of the time, choose as canvases on which translate to the returned low shorts and pants and geometric cut and shoulder short sleeve t-shirts.

In general they prefer the amplitude and the oversized, without rolling far above the waist and changing the registry below it with something more tight and very short shorts. The Fund, in any case, a creamy white or ivory ending give the old touch and vintage collection.

In contrast, we have the total look of the firm, as it could not be otherwise, focus Blacks and whites exclusively. That Yes, the colour palette and tones can give more game and we are then facing obtaining that, contrary to the previous patterns, that have a cut slim fit all together.

Colors games are also supported in the textures and the satin, lycra, cotton or point They intermingle in all garments to contrast mattes with the brilliant and finishes on tone patent leather. Elegant, sober, with a historical weight to his back and first of all very Dolce, Gabbana very.