LG Boasts New Screen Technology, Her Hope in Optimus G

* Update *-it’s official… LG Optimus G

Besides confirming the partnership with Qualcomm to use the latest mobile processors from the American company, the Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064), we also announce that the LG Optimus G released new screen technology.

Based on their fantastic panels IPS, the new technology gets reduce by 30% the thickness, Thanks to a new laminate components named as G2 Touch Hybrid Display.

The phone will use a panel of 4.7 inch, with a new high resolution in the Taiwanese House: 1280 × 768 pixels. Reportedly getting levels of brightness 470 nits, with a consumption of 70% lower than an AMOLED panel.

Another advantage of the LG boasts is that their panels they have arrays of RGB pixels, each sub-pixel is the same size, a fact that Samsung may not match all its AMOLED panels.

Sounds like it is the premiere of the screens ‘in-cell’ that had been associated with the new iPhone and that LG had begun to manufacture at the beginning of month.