LG Sold 13.1 Million Phones in The Second Quarter, 44 Percent Are Smartphones

We continue with financial results presented by the leading companies of the medium, if a few hours ago we presented those of Apple, with numbers very powerful tablets, and something more “conservative” on iPhones, now it’s the turn to LG.

Koreans do not give nor excessive information, for all models that are in the market, but at least we know the main data to compare with previous measurements: 13.1 million phone sold, of which 44% are Smartphones.

LG was slow in getting into the world of Android, but as you can see, they already represent almost half of handsets sold around the world. This quarter they have risen 36% compared with the first quarter of the year, mainly due to the range of devices with connectivity Lte.

Revenues in fell a 27.5% compared to last year, and still having losses, $ 50 million, expecting to continue decreasing with the sale of terminals Lte in Europe and United States.

The positive of a big company is that thanks to the division of television revenue and profits become positive: