Light Flow: Change Your Trackball without Root Light

One of the oftails that I like about the Nexus One is the trackball. It not only allows one comfortable navigation in some applications, if not that also notify us of different alerts, either a new mail, sms and tweets… Is undoubtedly really useful.

To be able to customize the color of the trackball light had that root the Nexus One and use applications requiring this as for example Trackball Alert. Without however now all, whether root or not, can customize the trackball light with Light Flow.

Light Flow It is a simple but very complete application to configure the color of notifications of the trackball on ofvices equipped with and without root. We can configure and change all kinds of notices, from the email, sms to some more specific as the alarms on the calendar, and even a few applications of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Whatssapp…

The ofgree of customization the alert is sufficient but it could have taken more than Yes. For example it allows to configure different colors according to the email account but does not allow to customize by senofrs personally resulting me quite useful. We miss also customize the tone within the color wheels and not select one, wiof that Yes, list of colors. It still meets fairly well.

The first time that we started the application we ask that activate accessibility of Light Flow, which is required to run the application at all. In doing so the system will warn us that Light Flow You can collect information from the keyboard. In principle no need to worry because Light Flow is not a set of keyboard and according to Rage Consulting, creators of the application, it does not collect any data.

Light Flow It is an alternative for those who want to give a personal touch to the notifications on the trackball and unwilling to make root. The application comes in two versions: on the one hand a Free Edition and on the other hand the payment (€0.72) with which we can customize more notifications from social networking apps.