Lumigon T2-First Impressions and Mini Test (Mobile Test)

Test: the first Danish smartphone, Lumigon T2, has begun to countries with the first customers in Denmark. Read here how it is.

After more than three years of fighting have succeeded the Danish smartphone-adventurer Lumigon, getting their first phone, T2, on the street.

The 20. October 2010 kl. 20 was held release party for Lumigon T1, which should come in the first quarter of 2011, but after numerous delays, was the product of silence peeled off by the planning.

At Mobile World Congress 2012, 27. February, became the successor T2 showcased for the first time.Legislation was now, the product came in the first half of 2012, but nothing happened and Lumigon sank in the Earth.

Now, at long last, 28. may 2013, com T2 so for sale. It came via And though Director Lars Gravesen via mail Lumigons pronounce: “T2 is not launched on the Danish market yet”, then we have the other words in the hands.

Delicious Scandinavian design

T2 weighs 152 grams and follows the Scandinavian design tradition, and one cannot help but think Jacob Jensen and B & O when the product is held in the hand.

The high weight is mainly due to the fact that it is stainless steel edges are performed in Front of the glass surface. with Gorilla Glass from Corning, while the back is a matte plastic plate.

Lumigon T2 feels like good quality when seen and kept, but the buttons on the front, top, as well as pages are soft and not of as high quality look and design as the rest of the phone, which is pretty sin.

Plastic back utters as also from time to time squeaks when pressed lightly into the.

Sales box is an experience in itself. The box is really nice and inside is the phone in soft plush surroundings, so it certainly helps to raise the overall impression.

Android with small adaptations

Lumigon T2 comes with a relatively old Android version. On our test unit was the version 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, we were met with.

In general there is not made particularly many adjustments in Android, at least not in the part that the user can view, so this bodes well, when it comes to talk of forthcoming updates of the software.

Lumigons Director Lars Gravesen promises that the first few bug fixes will be sent out within the next few weeks. In the course of a few months, he expects that Android 4.1 is ready for T2.

The front has seven screens for shortcuts and widgets, but there is no “trouble” function, so that all the pages can be viewed in summary form. The middle screen boasted a nice Lumigon-clock in analog form.

It is delicious to the entire interface is kept in black style, where there are no URf.eks. Orange and blue colors, pang to take focus. It means a consistent sleek experience.

From the lock screen, you can via the lock-ring go directly to, among other things, messages, contacts, calendar and camera.

Special Lumigon features

Under the speaker is a specific activity button, there is a brilliant invention. Here can be set different functions during and outside calls. It could be access to mute during the conversation, just by one touch.The button can also be set so that incoming calls are answered by pressure or call the sound becomes “silence”.

In addition there are genstures where a “glide up or down” can open a specific application, show statusbar or other function. And if you want all the icons on the front is black and white, this can also be done.

High praise for Lumigon to think new thoughts on this front, and, not least, present a few features that are in everyday use actually makes sense.


Floating and good experience

The user experience of the product are generally pretty good. Although 3.7 inch screen with 480 x 800 pixels is both a small screen and small resolution, the benefit is that your phone fits better in the hand as well as your pocket.

I have in the past criticized the Android system, not to be liquid enough – but rather choppy. Fortunately, these criticisms made to shame in the product. Of course, not the profits of the T2 power that exists in the market’s current top models, but Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (S2) at 1.4 GHz is doing a good job.

All in all, an approved experience, bearing in mind that the product and components, has been a long time coming from the idea to the market.

In the benchmark program Antutu scores Lumigon T2 only 5,390 points. The distribution is CPU, GPU, RAM 1329 674 2735, I/O 652. It is compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4 is not a performance that is worth writing home about, here we 24,620 measured points. But now it’s probably also spec-power you buy T2.

No noise at conversations

The phone has an additional microphone that measures the noise in the surroundings, and it forms the basis for a noise reduction by conversations that works quite fine. And it is clear, but not excessively high when one leads a conversation.

There sits a MS3 sound chip, Icepower, from Bang & Olufsen, which should optimize your audio experience, which in combination with the speaker has worked. There is simply a really good sound from your phone. We when not up on HTC One-level, but many other phones may look enviously after T2, at this point.

In relation to the headset (included is nice and delicious) works Icepower-unfortunately only equaliser at local music, and not when it comes to streaming via URf.eks. Spotify.

Pictures taken with Lumigon T2

The camera is 8 megapixels, but the images have a white glow in the surface, and appears nowhere near as sharp as they should be.

Conclusion: good start for Danes

Despite the delays, is Danish Lumigon reached nicely far when it is about to hit the critical and forvendte smartphone users. Although the drill-down list similar to a midrange-mobile, so win T2 stylish expression without the “bling bling and tivoli-colors”.

The product will with the right story attached, well be able to sell in countries which look up to danish design, and where the term means more than raw lifestyle specifications. “Keep it simple” concept stands through on almost all fronts.

SMS keyboard with Danish characters and dictionary works excellent and sound is good. T2 also works fine on Gmail, Exchange and internet pages, etc. in other words, all the everyday functions, which is the most important thing in a phone that fails not.

I could mention a lot of places where T2 compared to current top models, should have kicked butt, but top models also have their challenges. It to much, is not always an advantage.

Lumigon T2 does not have 4 g LTE, but only 2 g, 3 g and wireless network, but I don’t think it’s imperative with 4 g when it’s not tech and geek segment you will hit. And when I get fine measurements on WiFi speed, I am well run end in many places.

It also speaks to the phone’s advantage that it has a micro-SD card input, so the 8 GB expandable memory. In addition, the battery is replaceable.

I don’t give Lumigon T2 character in this mini test. I have not had the phone for a long enough time to, but I’m giving “thumbs up” and “we like” in the direction of the Danes in the South harbour in Copenhagen, who still dreams of, to conquer the world with a Danish success story.

Lumigon has previously promised a dock and bagcovers in white and black, but these are not yet for sale, according to the company.