Lumigon T2 Starts Final Sale-in Stock Now

After a long time of waiting is the first Danish Android smartphone, finally begun to touch on it in sales channels.

At the Mobile World Congress in February 2012 was Lumigon T2 presented, and promised in selected European markets in the first half of the same year. But since there have been silently from the Danish manufacturer, which is headquartered at the South harbour in Copenhagen.

After numerous inquiries through the ages to Lumigons Director Lars Gravesen and Rikke Juul Hansen, head of communications, it has not been possible to get some information about the company’s plans for the launch of the product.

Sources tell now that the Distributor Expansys has gotten Lumigon T2 in stock, so the shops in Denmark, among other things, can buy the product home. Across from a dealer, we have been in contact with, Expansys, promises to T2 actually is stock item.

Lumigon has subsequently confirmed the information.

-“It is true that Expansys now sells T2 in Europe,” was the terse comment from Rikke Juul Hansen in Lumigon. Lumigon T2 has a retail price of $4,099 crowns.