Meaning of Albricias

When analyzing the etymological root of albricias, we will see that the term derives from the Hispanic Arabic albúšra, which in turn comes from the classical Arabic bušrà. Albricias is called the gift given to someone who announces good news or who is the protagonist of some momentous event.

The most common use of the concept, however, is given as interjection. It should be remembered that interjections are words that allow the expression of feelings or emotions or that are used to greet or address an interlocutor. In the case of albricias, this interjection transmits joy or happiness.

For example: “Cheers! I was informed that my story was chosen as a finalist in the literary contest ”, “ Are you seriously pregnant? Good news! The news makes me very happy ”, “ We arrived in town after midnight and, gladly, we found an open restaurant: we hadn’t eaten anything all day ”.

In one of the most important works of Spanish literature of all time, such as “El Cantar del Mío Cid” (1200), the term that we are now analyzing appears on more than one occasion. Thus, numerous times we can find manifestations of the protagonist towards his inseparable fighting companion (the nobleman from León, Álvar Fáñez). An example of this is: “Cheers, Álvar Fáñez, they kick us out of the ground!”

Franklin Albricias, on the other hand, was a prominent politician in Spain. Born in the late nineteenth century and died in 1972, he presided over the Alicante Provincial Council and served at the Alicante City Council as Deputy Mayor.

Specifically, we can determine that he was a really important figure during the Second Spanish Republic. In addition to everything indicated, we cannot overlook the fact that he also became bishop of the Methodist Church and that he even founded the Club Deportivo Albacete in 1917. This team was the first in the city, although it later disappeared with reason of the Spanish Civil War.

In Mexico, Albricias is the name of a publisher specialized in works related to Buddhism. It was founded in 2012 and distributes books not only in the Mexican market, but also in the United States, Puerto Rico, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Argentina. Also in Mexico, the so-called Grupo Albricias offers marketing, corporate image and design services.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that there is a plant species that is called albricia. It is the plant species best known as the silk tree or albizia julibrissin. It has its origin in Asia and is considered to have arrived in Spain in the 18th century. It is a deciduous tree that has flowers that do not have petals but a kind of pink stamens. A uniqueness of the aforementioned flowers is that they are very rich in nectar and can be found, however, in dark pink or red.

“Albricias”, finally, is the title of songs performed by Anamelba, Los Tukas and Los Tecolines.