Meaning of Cadet

The etymological route of the term cadet is quite extensive. It begins in late Latin capitellum, continues in Gascon capdet, and then drifts into French cadet. A cadet is a young man who is studying at a military academy.

Cadets, therefore, are the ones who make up the first grade of an educational establishment in the armed forces. The concept also refers to students or apprentices from other institutions, such as the police.

In general, a cadet has the same obligations and responsibilities as those who already hold a rank in the entity. However, you will only become a full member when you complete your training and reach higher degrees.

In some regions, the idea of ​​cadet is used in reference to other apprentices or novices. A cadet, in this sense, can be a young person who works in a private company developing different secondary or minor activities.

An 18-year-old boy, for example, may be hired as a cadet at a telephone company. Your job is to deliver and collect documentation, make purchases and serve coffee to managers. It is a job title that has low pay, but does not require previous experience or academic knowledge.

As time goes by, the cadet can move up the ranks of the company and access higher paying positions and other responsibilities. A cadet can become an administrative clerk or a sales assistant, to name two possibilities. Cadets are generally young people who are taking their first steps in the workplace.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of various films that have the word in question in their titles. An example of this is “Cadet Kelly”, an original Disney Chanel film that was released in 2002 and is directed by Larry Shaw.

Hilary Duff and Christy Carlson Romano lead the cast of this feature film that tells of a girl in need of enlisting in a military school, because she is the only one she has on hand when she goes to live elsewhere because her mother has left. married to a major.

In that school it will not be easy for them to day to day because there are very strict and harsh rules, to which they find it difficult to adapt. However, the girl, little by little, will adapt to them and will even become a key student when it comes to sports competitions.

In the same way, it should not be overlooked that within the different sports disciplines the term cadet is used. Specifically, it is a category that is established by age. Thus, for example, in football there are the following:
-Pre-Benjamin, which encompasses under-7 and under-8.
-Benjamín, which includes under-9 and under-10.
-Alevín, which is for under-12s years.
-Children, which is for children under 14 years of age.
-Cadet, for children under 16 years old.
-Juvenile, which includes the under 17, under 18 and under 19.
-Senior, which is the absolute category.