Meaning of Coffee

The etymology of the word café reveals an extensive journey that begins with the classical Arabic qahwah, continues with the Turkish kahve and reaches the Italian caffe, before acquiring the form that distinguishes it in the Spanish language.

Coffee, according to its definition, is the name of the seed of the coffee tree, a tree that grows naturally in Ethiopian territory and belongs to the Rubiaceae group. The coffee tree is between four and six meters high, has opposite greenish leaves, its flowers are white and its fruits are displayed in red berry.

The seed of this tree, that is to say, coffee, usually measures about one centimeter, being flat on the one hand and convex on the other, with a longitudinal groove. Its color is greenish yellow.

By extension of the term, coffee is known as the drink that is made by infusing this roasted and ground seed. It is a socializing drink, as people often gather around the practice of drinking coffee. In this sense, coffee is an excuse for social gatherings and conversation. For example, the phrase “Today I went to have a coffee with María” transcends its explicit meaning, since it assumes that the person in question had a conversation with María.

When talking about coffee, we cannot ignore the fact that there are several types of this product and that they are determined based on where they are produced. Thus, for example, we have American coffee, which is the one produced in Brazil and the Caribbean; Arabic that comes from Yemen and is characterized by its fruity flavor and high quality; the one from Asia, and the one from Hawaii which has a sour taste.

In addition to this classification, we can also classify coffee based on the way it is prepared. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular or consumed classes around the world:
Coffee with milk. It is the one that is made from one part of espresso coffee (it is made with an espresso machine) and two of milk.
Viennese coffee. This drink is made with a high percentage of coffee to which a little whipped milk and chocolate are then added.
Mocha coffee. This is done using the mixture, in equal parts, of coffee, milk and chocolate.
Cut coffee. It is an espresso to which you add a few drops of milk.
Cappuccino coffee. It is made from equal parts proportions of milk, milk foam, espresso and a few pieces of chocolate.
Bonbon coffee. It is the result of the union of two parts of coffee and one of condensed milk.

Broadly speaking, these are the two main classifications that are made of coffee, although a third can also be carried out based on the device that is used to make it and that determines that it is possible to speak of espresso, pot coffee or coffee from drip coffee maker.

On the other hand, the establishment where this drink is marketed and ingested, as well as other drinks, is known as coffee: “We meet at five in Mario’s cafe”, “This morning I had breakfast at the corner cafe.

Finally, in some countries it is described as brown to a shade of brown.