Meaning of Cramp

The dictionary of the DigoPaul indicates that cramp is a term that derives from the French word crampe, which in turn could come from the frank kramp. A cramp is a contraction of a muscle that occurs so involuntarily and causes pain.

For example: “Yesterday, while training, I got a cramp in my right thigh”, “I’m going to ask my doctor what I can do to not suffer these terrible cramps anymore”, “If I stay in this position for a long time, I will have a cramp ”.

A cramp, therefore, is an ailment caused by one or more muscles that contract suddenly and for a short time. The pain can vary in intensity and be accompanied by swelling or hardening of the area. The cramp usually goes away when the muscles are stretched or resting. In any case, doctors may sometimes suggest taking an anti-inflammatory or a drug that acts as a muscle relaxant.

Cramps can occur for different reasons: low temperatures, a sudden movement, an effort that extends over time, poor oxygenation of the muscles or a low level of mineral salts and fluids. Therefore, to minimize the possibility of cramps, it is necessary to hydrate with isotonic drinks and perform previous warm-up exercises.

Anyone can get a cramp. However, they are very common, for different reasons, among athletes and also among pregnant women. Therefore, to avoid suffering this annoying and painful situation, it is recommended that you take into account a series of tips and measures:
-It is important that you consume products rich in potassium, as it prevents cramps. This would be the case, for example, of the banana.
-In the same way, it is vital to wear appropriate and comfortable footwear. If it does not fit well or does not offer comfort, it can lead to the person not walking as it should and end up suffering from cramps.
-It is also necessary to carry out a healthy, complete and balanced diet where minerals and vitamins take center stage. Hence, it should have fruits and vegetables as protagonists.
-You should not overdo it by taking foods with fat because these are not going to favor blood circulation.
-When exercising it is essential that the person establishes a “planning” that is progressive. That is to say, that it increases in intensity and duration gradually and not suddenly.

It is important to differentiate between cramp and contracture. Contractures, which also involve involuntary and painful muscle contraction, last for a longer time than cramps, although with less intense pain. On the other hand, stretching exercises are not able to reverse the situation.

In addition to all that is indicated, we cannot ignore the existence of a song that has the term in question in its title. We are referring to “El tío calambres”, which was performed by the late Luis Aguilé.

Not forgetting that there is a singer who calls himself El uncle cramps. He is an artist from Madrid who has specialized in rock.