Meaning of Expiration

Is called expiration to expire, the termination or expiration of something. When an item expires, it ceases to exist or loses its integrity. For example: “Don’t eat that dessert! A month has passed since its expiration date ”, “ Next week the contract will expire and then I will have to move ”, “ Experts say that the expiration of this type of machines will occur in the short term ”.

Expiration is linked to the verb expire, which refers to spoiling or disappearing with the passage of time. That which expires suffers the loss of its qualities or its condition.

It is common for the idea of expiration to be used with respect to the limit established by the authorities to consume or use a product. This date should be mentioned on the container in question so that people know how long they can use the content. Medicines and food products, among many other items, have an expiration date.

If we buy a box of hamburgers whose expiration date is August 5, 2020, to name one case, the food will be suitable for consumption until that day. After the expiration date, the hamburgers in question may be rotten.

Although certain products should never be consumed after their expiration date, such as dairy and meat, it is known that this limit is indicated to minimize the risk of poisoning and that it does not define with absolute precision when the food is will put in bad shape.

For this reason, many people eat certain products several days after their expiration, and they are not worried at all. In the case of industrial bread, for example, it is easy to know if it has become ugly, since in this case it usually presents greenish fungi; a practice to improve its flavor just before this happens is to bake it for a few minutes, which makes it crispy and removes any excess moisture that may have accumulated.

Restaurant chains and supermarkets usually dispose of their products once they have reached the expiration date, and that is when low-income people come to their doors to pick up the food that, in their opinion, can still be consumed without any risk.

In the field of law, expiration refers to the extinction of an action due to the passage of time. It is a term established by law to exercise a power: “The expiration of the criminal instructions has not yet occurred”, “The expiration period for appeal is quite long”, “These rights do not expire.

This concept also applies to credit and debit cards, services that must be renewed every certain number of years. The expiration date of a card is one of its most important data, so much so that in any commercial transaction it must be indicated for the seller to verify its validity before confirming the process. Since the renewal of a credit card consists of the granting of new numbers in addition to the card itself, there is no use trying to use an expired one to make a purchase.

In the field of computing, expiration is also important, especially in the sessions that the user establishes with a computer when entering their personal data. For example, when we identify ourselves in our email platform, a session is opened that gives us the right to use certain services, but it must expire at some point to prevent anyone from accessing our mailbox if we forget to disconnect.