Meaning of Hostel

The notion of hostel refers, in its broadest sense, to the space that provides hostel, shelter or asylum to animals or human beings. From this meaning, it is possible to differentiate between multiple types of hostels.

For example: “When it started to rain, we were in the middle of the forest and we didn’t have any shelter nearby”, “The pack of wolves found shelter in a cave”, “We spent the night in a charming mountain lodge”.

Many times the term hostel is used to name a tourist establishment, similar to a hotel but with less services and comfort, which allows travelers to stay overnight in its facilities. These hostels, also called hostels or hostels, are usually aimed at a young audience seeking to exchange experiences with other guests: “A friend of mine recommended a hostel in the center of Lima”, “I’m dating a Japanese girl I met in the hostel in Paris ”, “ I prefer that we spend the night in a category hotel rather than in a youth hostel ”.

Hostels are among the most popular types of hostels today, given that we are in an era in which air travel is more accessible than ever and this drives millions of people to explore the world. Among the advantages of the hostels are the following:

* It has a very wide price range, since it offers rooms shared by a variable number of people;

* encourages cultural exchange, especially by bringing together people from all over the world;

* Depending on the particular hostel, it is possible to make online reservations well in advance;

* Like most hostels, there is no minimum stay, and this makes them ideal for last minute use if night falls and we have nowhere to sleep.

It can also distinguish between shelters according to its location: mountain lodge, hostel road, etc.: “The Mountaineers had to spend two weeks in the mountain lodge until improved weather conditions”, “I offer you something: we rest tonight in a roadside shelter and then let’s continue our journey. ”

The hotel or motel that offers its rooms by turns, and not just by night, is called a transitional hostel. These shelters are used by couples to maintain intimate relationships.

The transitional shelter receives many informal names, which vary according to the Spanish-speaking region, and likewise also exists in various categories, as do hotels. Although for many people it may be taboo or embarrass if the term comes up in the middle of a conversation, it is nothing more than an intimate space in which couples can explore their sexuality or even spend time alone, far away. of the obligations and structures of society.

Lastly, the hostel may be an establishment intended for the temporary accommodation of individuals who, due to different circumstances, have no place to sleep: “The authorities announced the construction of a new shelter so that people who are homeless can sleep in a safe place and comfortable ”.

This last meaning refers to a space that is adapted to the specific needs of a group of people, generally in the midst of a national emergency situation, such as the attack of a natural catastrophe. In other words, you can be part of a charitable movement, which also includes donations of food and clothing to provide victims with the best possible welfare until they can return to their homes or, if they have been destroyed, get new ones to continue. with their lives.