Meaning of Kaleidoscope

Before entering fully into the definition of the term kaleidoscope, it is necessary to proceed to know its etymological origin. In this case, it must be established that it comes from Greek and is the result of the sum of three components of that language:
-The word “kálos”, which is synonymous with “beautiful”.
-The noun “eidos”, which can be translated as “image”.
-The word “skopein” which is equivalent to “see”.

Kaleidoscope is a term that refers to a tube that has several mirrors inside, which are inclined. At one end of the kaleidoscope there are two sheets of glass: between them, different irregular objects of different colors. By turning the tube and looking at the opposite end, the images of these objects between the glass sheets multiply symmetrically.

Kaleidoscopes usually contain three mirrors, arranged as a triangular-shaped prism that reflects towards the inner sector. According to the angular arrangement of the mirrors, more or less images of the objects that are located between the translucent glass sheets are multiplied. If the mirrors are placed at 45º to each other, when the person looks through the end of the kaleidoscope he will find eight images that are duplicated.

The presence of fewer or more mirrors inside the tube modifies the visual effects that the kaleidoscope can produce. Since this device was created in 1816 by the Scottish scientist David Brewster (born in 1781 and died in 1868), it has become a very popular toy around the world.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore other data of interest such as the following:
-One of the types of kaleidoscopes is the so-called teleidoscope. This instead of having a sheet is presented with a translucent magnifying lens. What it does is create images by multiplying in the mirrors what is the set of elements that are outside.
-When its creator patented it, we have already mentioned that it became a toy with enormous success. However, we do not have to overlook the fact that since it was so easy to do it, there were many competitors who came out. And is that many businessmen began to make it and put it up for sale.
-At home you can even shape that kaleidoscope. It will only be necessary to have cardboard tubes, mirrors or even CDs that are no longer used, cardboard and acetate circles, glue, decorative paper, colored beads and adhesive tape.

In the same way, this term has been used to give a name to a Spanish film and television production company called Caleidoscopio Films.

In a symbolic sense, the idea of kaleidoscope – which can also be referred to as kaleidoscope – is used to name a set made up of heterogeneous and variable elements. For example: “Our theater offers a musical kaleidoscope to the neighbors”, “The writer presents a kaleidoscope of extreme experiences in his new book of chronicles”, “The coach designed a kaleidoscope of strategies to adapt to the different situations that will be presented to him. to the team during the tournament ”.