Meaning of Scope

The scope is the ability to cover a distance or achieve something (get to get together with someone or something in front, or actually touching or hitting). For example: “The range of the missile is 750 kilometers”, “This radio has a short range and does not go beyond the avenue”.

In this sense, we cannot ignore that scope is a widely used term in the field of fencing. Thus, when said word is used it is to refer to the distance that a white weapon has reached, or the one known as a black weapon, which is that weapon that has no edge, that has a button on its tip and that is used by people who are learning the aforementioned discipline.

In the field of weapons we also find that there are many of them that are included under the long-range name that, as its name indicates, comes to express that they can reach their objective from a greater distance than others. Among the weapons of this type we could highlight, for example, various rifles as well as missiles or machine guns.

This also leads us to refer to the concept of effective scope. This is used in the military field and comes to refer to the maximum distance at which a soldier can hit what is his objective.

Reach is also the intellectual or physical ability to approach something and access it. “The chemical formulas are out of my reach”, “My scope is limited: I cannot reach the top of the mountain”.

On the other hand, it is known as scope to the pursuit or persecution (“The police could not reach the criminals who robbed the bank”) and the significance or significance of some event (“The fall of Rafael Nadal in Roland Garros has had scope international ”).

Likewise, a term that makes use of the word scope is also used, although it is becoming increasingly obsolete. We are referring to what is known as a scope seal. This is nothing more than a complementary type stamp that is placed on letters and postal packages when they are deposited in a special mailbox once the mail collection hours have passed.

For physics, range is the maximum penetration of a particle into a given material medium. In the military field, on the other hand, it is known as scope to the adjustment that is in favor of the soldier.

The accounting scope is the debit balance that an account has unjustified. The concept is also used to refer to the absence of justification in public accounts. It is, therefore, the negative and unjustified balance of an account. Therefore, the accounting scope is linked to the obligation that a person has to account for the management or custody of public flows.

The accounting scope implies a responsibility and its control is subject to legal requirements.