Meizu: an End to Support of Google Services in China

Very important news coming on the front Meizu and for those who are accustomed to buying in Chinese e-commerce. The Asian manufacturer, according to Google, has gotten rid of all Google services from Chinese, or dedicated versions for Meizu to the Chinese market. This is due to the fact that Meizu sells officially in Europe and thus for international models, the Google Service will be included as always but only locally in China, there will be.

What do you mean? Just that to purchase a Meizu and have access to Google services like Play Store and the like, you will need to contact the store Meizu official or otherwise buy the international variant of the product making sure than the Chinese market. (Note: at the moment we don’t know if with a simple flash the rom international, maybe we can model adapted for certain code around the problem).

Here’s the post from our site:

Meizu and her international team are working to offer its customers an increasingly efficient service.

To protect consumers, the company is providing a management overhaul that will lead to some changes in current policies.

An internal company memo says that, as was the case previously, official assistance Meizu will be offered only to customers who purchase at official sales channels.Buying at unofficial channels shall not be entitled to after-sales service.

Furthermore, since the new update cycle Flyme 4.5 (Android-based Lollipop), you will not be able to install Google services on Chinese models are shipped with the 4.5 Flyme, because of new agreements between Meizu and Google.

International models, instead, will have full support for Google services with any future update.

To emphasize again an important aspect:

In particular, there is no guarantee of support for Google services to Chinese models of Meizu MX5 and Meizu M2 Notes, and all future smartphones at the company.

Support for Google services may be disabled for Chinese models with firmware Chinese smartphones.

This change does not affect the experience of Chinese users, as Google services are not used in China, and Meizu itself provides a store of applications and various other services (in Chinese).

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