Microsoft Clip Layer, Your Tool to Select and Copy Any Text That Displays The Screen

Since last summer thanks to Google Now on Tap can select text in any application or image thanks to its tool selection, function as employees of Microsoft they have replicated with their new tool called Clip Layer.

Born as a Microsoft garage project, Clip Layer You can select and copy any text appearing on the screen of your Android device. We can select and copy text in those applications which, by default, it is impossible to select the text.

Microsoft Clip Layer, how it works

The operation of Clip Layer It is very simple, once configured all you have to do a press prolonged the Start button to activate this practical selection of this tool.

To use Clip Layer the first thing we need to do is activate it once installed on your device. So we must set it as implementation of assistance, with what We load the function “Google Now on Tab”.

Once properly configured, make a push at the Start button will activate Clip Layer highlighting pictures of texts that you can select by clicking on each picture and copy, add a note with Wunderlist or share easily with your action bar.

If you want to select a piece of text of a sentence or paragraph only we must first select the text block and select the “T” option that appears in the top right. A new window will open with the selected text so that we can select the text you want to copy or share.


Microsoft Clip Layer Google Play is posted, but it is not available for download around the world, for the moment only in United States. Other countries can download the APK for manual installation.