Microsoft Translator Adds Talks, to Translate into Real Time Chat Group

Android the translator that takes centre stage is that of Google, but Microsoft keeps trying to give him a chance. To achieve this has included a new and interesting feature that combines the voice recognition, neuronal translation and the Group chat.

This new function is called from Conversations and it is already available in Microsoft Translator 3.0, Google Play. The idea is to translate conversations in group, in real-time, spoken or written. The main novelty is that each person speaks and interacts directly from your mobile phone.

Chat with translation

The operation is relatively simple. A person must create conversation, and others are attached to it. It is necessary to emphasize that up to one hundred people they can be joined, a number nothing significant. Each conversation has a code and a QR code that can be used to easily enter.

Each person, including that created the conversation, you must specify a name and your language. This language will be used both to recognize what is speaking or writing to translate what the rest of people. For now, speech recognition is available in nine languages, While the translation of text comes up to the 50 languages.

Although it is something that reminds us somewhat to the so talked about Google Translator, the main advantage here is that each person interacts from your own mobile phone, instead of hacinar around a single device. This practice greatly facilitates its use in groups of people.

Of course, the end result is not so great as in the video above, but the truth is that it is quite acceptable in my tests (such as the example of the previous screenshots). The main factor that work well or be a disaster is to speak con clear voice and slowly, so don’t miss out.