MobilePay-Mobile Payment Poised in all 18 Bilka-Hypermarkets

Danish supermarket is from Thursday, September 18. June ready with MobilePay-mobile payment in all 18 Bilka-hypermarkets.

The battle to support mobile payments with Danske Bank MobilePay-solution in grocery stores are intensifying, after Danish supermarket today announces that in the grocery store lets you pay your purchase goods with MobilePay directly from your smartphone.

Today’s news means to you in all 18 Bilka-hypermarkets that are found all over the country, can pay by keeping your smartphone over a white sticker with MobilePay logo on. After to have entered your usual 4-digit PIN code in MobilePay app simply confirm your purchase with a swipe-movement.

It all can be done, because it uses the NFC and Bluetooth technology to let the smart phone with Android, iOS , or Windows Phone communicate through Our box system with MobilePay. Alternatively, a unique QR code scanned with the app, if your smartphone does not support these technologies.

MobilePay-payment actually works so easy and effortless that it has created attention outside its borders.People from both Germany, China, Spain, the UK and Finland has put the first Supermarket-department store with MobilePay-payment technology business.

“They’ve all been very impressed by how easy and fast it is. People will be really pleasantly surprised, and sometimes they have to try multiple times, because they find it hard to believe that it really is so easy, “tells project manager in Danish supermarket, Steffen Forest L.

Fierce competition between Rema 1000 and Danish supermarket

In recent months there have been running a close race between the two major players, Rema 1000 and Danish supermarket with shopping chains Føtex, Bilka and Salling.

Danish supermarket in March was first out with MobilePay-mobile payment in a Supermarket-hypermarket and a month later, four new department stores.

For a small month ago published Rema 1000 as his plan for the rollout of MobilePay and surprised everyone and everything about to overtake the Danish supermarket before about getting ready with payment with MobilePay in all its 261 stores about two weeks, the 1. July.

In Rema 1000s big rollout of MobilePay in stores match Danish supermarket, however, again by equipping all 18 Bilka-hypermarkets with technology this Thursday. Plan for Danish supermarket is having MobilePay-payment ready in all 600 stores by the end of the year.

Among other things, Coop, remains as yet does not make use of MobilePay in its stores, but it will soon be changed, says information Director Jens Juul Nielsen, the Coop to the stock market.

“We are on the road with something, and it comes in the course of 2015, but I will not say any more right now,” he told the newspaper.