MobilePay-the Future of Payment?

Our site has perhaps the solution on how the mobile phone will be the future of means of payment. Read details here.

Our site presented the 7. may their newest mobile application, which can be used by anyone regardless of the bank, if you have an Android phone or an iPhone.

There is no doubt that our site has come up with a solution that right now has a number of limitations, but at the same time also can be the solution when it comes to mobile payments.

In more than seven years have all believed that the NFC was the solution when it was about to turn the mobile phone into a credit card. There has, however, been far too little and there have been a number of barriers that have destroyed the possibility repeatedly for herself. And back in October last year meant mobile expert John g. P also that NFC would be bypassed and a solution, such as Apple’s Passbook could be the solution.

Now it seems that our site can get to the right and show the way for how we can expand the mobile payment for that work.

Our site has with MobilePay created an application which makes it possible to bind a phone number and account number together – and thus one can transfer money quickly and easily.

Right now is the limitations of MobilePay, that you can only transfer max 18,000 dollars per year, as well as max 500 crowns per transfer, and a threshold value at 1,000 dollars a day.

But I wonder if a bit of the future is to spot in this service. Our site shows itself in the video below, for example, that you can use it as a method of payment at a flea market. Here has a stand so a phone number that the customer pays for – and subsequent receipt comes with the same and can be displayed to the seller. I wonder if it can be devised so that all shops that offer this service only has a phone number you pay for.