Mobilernes Antenna Quality Should Be Clearly

There must be a marking of mobiles, which can shed light on the telecommunications’ antenna performance, sounds the requirement from Commercial Agency and several European telecommunications authorities.

When you buy a new mobile phone, you will not be informed about the quality of the phone’s antenna. Therefore, it is also not easy to compare with other models.

The Business Agency will change, writes our site.

In cooperation with a number of European telecommunications authorities are calling for the introduction of a labelling system of mobile phones and their antennas have been sent to the European Commission.

-“With a good antenna can receive signals of mobile phone twice as far away from a send mast as with a bad mobile antenna.¬†Therefore, it is essential that customers can take a position on a mobile phone’s receive properties before they make a purchase, “says Finn Petersen, Deputy Director of the Commercial Agency, according to Ritzau.

He hopes that the support from the authorities in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania can convince the EU Commission about the necessity of a labelling system.

-“The more that presses on, the more chance there is for the Commission to see the light,” adds Finn Petersen.