MobilR Improves Its Combined Fixed Internet + Mobile. Compared with Other Alternatives

Smartphones with more generous data every time rates and ease share consumption in a second SIM multi-device is doing to month-to-month decline the number of lines associated with a USB after its peak achieved in summer of 2011 but for those who prefer a line independent to navigate or from computer or tablet without sharing the consumption included in your smartphone, add extra data bonds ni multiSIM hire, we find other alternatives like the mobilR which continue to improve their conditions.

From now on and automatically for all customers, mobilR will match the mobile Internet USB (Mifi or similar) when they have contracted any fixed broadband service rather than differentiated cost depending on the type of fixed connection. Thus, to add a line with 500 MB will cost 5 euros/month and 2 GB 9 euros/month.

Comparative price Internet mobile if you have fixed broadband

Drawing the pull of the convergent offers that combine fixed and mobile, we will compare the alternatives that allow you to add additional lines of mobile Internet as an adjunct to fixed broadband with a better price that the official rate:

Do not confuse the possibility of hiring additional lines of mobile Internet, with the possibility of adding Extra data bonds whose details are already included in the comparative rates for talk and navigate (in the “Internet” column) and they are also available for USB lines If you don’t want that speed will be reduced once consumed the traffic included in every room rate.