Moji-a New Telecommunications Company from 3

3 starts now yet another mobile carrier. Customers are not customers but members.

Phone company 3 opens now yet another company to the collection. Moji is the name. Thus the counter list 3, Oister and Moji.

There is not yet much information available about Moji, but the company describes itself as “Not like the others”, “to talk to”, “to understand”.

In addition, it is told that it is designed for all those who want good prices and transparent products, as well as good service.

Moji uses 3s network.

The most notable in the invitation to a reception as journalists have received is enough that you are not a customer but a member. Special benefits and bargains, loves that the loyal. Usually rewards the telecommunications organizations only new customers, while old faithful and loyal customers, are going to foot the Bill.

When Moji opens is not known, but there is reception on Thursday, 13. June.

“Moji” is also a language spoken by Phula-people in Southwest China.