More Suited to HTC: Will Eventually Sell Terminals with Deutsche Telekom for Infringing a Patent

All skinny dog fleas are, and to HTC all bad news. When a few weeks ago we did echo of economic performance following the long trend downward from the company for more than one year, now things still get more difficult in terms of marketing. Although that Yes, locally in Germany, where the terminals of the company distributed by Deutsche Telekom will have to stop selling are at least momentarily.

This is a result of a legal battle related to patents, in the hands of the company Acacia Research Group that accuses HTC and the German operator (and other companies) that its terminals infringe a patent of its property. Thus, as reported by the WSJ, HTC phones Adaptive by Deutsche Telekom must disappear from the shops at the end of this month of December.

Nothing and no one escapes in the patent battle

Not long ago we talked about which is a historical at this point war, by jumping into the headlines the last episode of the soap opera technology from Samsung and Apple already about four years of litigation, fines, and resources. On this occasion is an organization specialized in the legal aspects of patents in technology who have already signed agreements companies as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Amazon among others.

The patent that is in this case infringed according to they have failed the judicial bodies for the U.S. company by the terminals HTC distributed by Deutsche Telekom voice coding technology-related. A patent as explained in 9to5Google it is basic and is one part of a very large number of devices on the market.

Another blow, new measures

What have to do (or have done) on HTC? In addition to adhere to certain limits when using this technology when it comes to profits, would have to sign the agreement that the companies we have mentioned if signed with Acacia Research, accepting the “FRAND terms” (Fair Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory). At the moment they have what remains of month to erase the presence of terminals distributed by this German operator in stores.

Another blow to the Taiwanese company to coined 2015 as one of the worst years in its history, beating a flagship that did not meet expectations and unwanted records. Since HTC have already communicated its disagreement with the ruling and their intention to appeal against the decision of the German courts, although they should also sign the agreement which we mentioned (and can that any deposit).