Movistar Also Be Charged a Commission of Opening on The Purchase of Your Mobile

Elimination of the subsidy mobile MoviStar not only opened the doors to a rebate of rates that would be able to compete with the low cost market Outlook (though it took almost a year to come) if did us not change of concept at the time of buy a new smartphone, which happened to be financed a priori no interest, although this aspect has begun to fade.

Telstra was the first operator in establishing a fee by selling installments of their mobile and from this month, the measure will be extended to Movistar which apply a 9% APR on the total cost of the phone (opposite the 5.09 yoigo) that is you pay only once on the first invoice.

Thus, although monthly dues will not be affected, customers who purchase a phone with payment by instalments will see in your first payment of the first monthly bill more fee that do not exceed the 65 euros in the extreme case of top smartphones.

Prices of smartphones that are not precisely characterized by the cheapest of those offered by operators as you can see in the comparison of prices of smartphones in July that we have updated including the new cost by opening in the purchase.

Continue speaking of instalments without interest as we see in the picture who heads the post? Certainly it ceases to make sense if we focus on the 5 16 Gb iPhone with free price is 669 euros but its cost ascends to 780 euros with Movistar, the up to 830 euros to the 730 with Orange and Vodafone.