Movistar Also Be Charged Excess Data in Their Rates of Contract Rather Than Reduce Speed

Vodafone blew alarms when by surprise, decided to replace the reduction of speed in their data rates to start to charge for excess, measure that would first affect the rates yu: prepaid and then rates based on contract but that has already begun to extend to prepaid them Movistar as already anticipated and now also for the customers of particular contract Movistar.

Although at the moment Movistar denies it in your forum, reliable sources of the company have confirmed that if nothing changes at the last minute, Movistar also will not slow down to 64 Kbps if you exceed the traffic included initially your rate and so far to start charging 3 euro each additional 256 MB up to a maximum of 1 extra GB (or 12 euros) from which the speed is reduced to 32 Kbps. Customers who have hired the extra bonus of 1 gig by additional 10 euros will continue with speed reduced to 64 Kbps in case of eating it.

This change of conditions there would be the July 18 (by which the operator must inform later clients on June 18) and will affect all individual customers who have any mode Fusion, to the new rates Zero and Total and the old speech and browse whose associated data bonus is the of 500 MB or 1 GB.

Only the rates of 25 with 2 GB and 40 euros with 10 GB will continue reducing speed while we have not been able to confirm if they will continue reducing to 128 Kbps and 384 Kbps respectively as usual or vary its terms as Vodafone in its rate of 10 GB which reduces to 64 Kbps.

Movistar will also send informational messages when you’re nearly consumed all of the contract bonus and another message when charged each block of 256 MB but to change the conditions why not directly reduce to 32 Kbps and make every client who decides to hire an extra bonus to be aware at all times of the cost that is to be applied in place of? trust that the user is from by reported only with the sending of a message? Many people catch the change of conditions with consequent increase in claims unprepared?

UPDATE: Movistar shies at the moment in its intention to charge for excess data

Can I change my operator without penalty by the change of conditions?

It is the question which are the thousands of people affected by this type of changes of conditions of the contract and the answer is: depends on. Operators tend to heal in health in these situations distinct contract by the service, the contract for the purchase of the mobile so that If your carrier does not maintain the conditions signed, the contract is null.

Therefore you can not penalize you if you want to change your rate or unsubscribe from one of the rates for incumbents that are often linked to a minimum commitment to the operator, but if your stay is for a mobile, before changing the operator you will have to pay arrears of payment in instalments.

What does, is the injustice of the users who were encouraged to sign permanence by mobile only by conditions in the rates that already are not applied. And for these cases, while not signed conditions keep existing customers, always lose consumers.