Movistar Also Stops Slow to Collect Data on Their Prepaid Excess

Once Vodafone do alarm bells about the end of the rates for mobile internet with unlimited traffic (in Exchange for reduced speed) on their prepaid and in its Base fares of contract, now see as the measure begins to spread as not Movistar beginning of June 18.

The only affected at the moment will be the rate of Internet week for card customers prepaid that includes 3 euros per week, 100 MB to consume maximum for seven consecutive days and after which the speed was reduced to 64 Kbps if you needed to sail this week, something that will no longer be possible because that will cut off navigation unless you purchase the new bonus data whether you are already a client to the new.

An extra bonus of 50 MB for 50 cents you can only consume within seven days in which Internet week tariff is valid since the seventh day will be to apply the original 3 euros/week rate if you have sufficient balance or the daily rate by default of 1.90 euros if the weekly rate can not be autorenovar.

This way at least Movistar ensures that users are aware at all times of the cost that implies to sail since they will have that hire him calling the 1200 and it will not be a cost that is apply automatically to overcome the traffic included in Vodafone which to notify users via SMS, is not always an effective method to be informed.

Changing the concept: pay more those who consume more

The main source of income for operators in the not so distant future will be mobile internet rates so it would not be surprising that as happened in countries such as the us, in Spain we are at the beginning of the end of the free bar of data mobility so pay more the more they consume. Is this our reality?

Not only Movistar and Vodafone have begun to remove the rates without limit of consumption if not that operators such as Orange, apply a double reduction of speed up to 32 Kbps if users doubled with initially contracted consumption while Telstra includes an “up to” 128 Kbps that allow you not to offer always the maximum advertised speed, what in practice it makes every time our mobile internet rates less unlimited It is expected that the OMVs increasingly have less margin to continue offering fares speed reduction.

A few changes in the conditions of mobile internet with a downside if you’re that consumes lot of traffic but also with a positive side since these conditions changes come with an increase in traffic at maximum speed as the case of Vodafone and also indirectly for Movistar if we consider now also allowing recruitment rates in such Tuenti menara which more and more users with consumption above the average, You can continue to surf without seeing reduced its speed and without charging excess since it is more difficult to reach the limit.

The worse off, those in need of large consumption of traffic, will be forced to pay according to consumption but with the possibility of hiring extra bonuses which are around 10 euros per additional 1GB. If we assume that we expect a future in which they pay more those who consume more, do you prefer the tranquility of the price closed in Exchange for a slow internet although sufficient for certain uses or most likely to be able to sail at full speed?