Movistar Even without Announcement on 4G, Would Be Left Behind?

The succession of announcements on the initial support of LTE networks / 4G has been producing in the last days. Yoigo first, then Orange and a few hours ago Vodafone have unveiled details of this initial deployment, which has left doubts about the position of Movistar, that he has still not moved tab in the connection.

The announcement of Vodafone, which overtakes its competitors in date of deployment (June to July in the case of Orange and Yoigo) leaves the question about Movistar, which now has a lot of pressure and that could announce at least one deployment also very premature to get out also in the picture.
Miguel Angel Uriondo says in his blog ALSD expanding quoting Ignacio de el Castillo in the print edition of Expansion, which reveals that Movistar could begin that deployment in the band of the 2600 MHz, less appropriate than the 800 MHz which may not be implanted probably mid-2014.

Orange and Telstra will make use of the band of the 1800 MHz which for example supports the iPhone, and which is one of the bands relating in countries such as the United Kingdom or United States. Although it seemed that in our country the most advantageous frequencies were the freed by eliminating some television channels, the announcement of Telstra has changed a lot the things.

Now remains to be seen what will be the reaction of Movistar, and if the Telecommunications giant will step to the front with an own display hastily, or perhaps an agreement that Miguel Angel Uriondo as Ignacio de el Castillo have already pointed to that it may occur with Telstra to cover those backs initially.