Movistar Fusion Zero Fiber, 100 Mb of Down Home and Zero Cents on The Mobile Calls

It is not as in the single section mobile Movistar a streak is positive, it is losing more than 100,000 customers per month in recent months but still its innovations in rates does not seek directly to improve that figure.

And it is that the new rate we know today is not a mobile rate but a new Fusion, Fusion fiber zero, combining the best Internet connection for home with a mobile line with calls to zero cents per minute.

Up to now three types of Fusion, that ADSL offered two options, with calls to zero cents or 500 minutes, and a single option enabled fiber optic to the home with 500 minutes in calls from mobile phones we already knew but now those wanting a fiber without calls in mobile connection already have your choice.

Movistar Fusion fiber zero is the result of take the zero Fusion that we already knew and simply change the ADSL connection by a fiber optic, raising the speed of the connection to drop 100 Mbps and 10 Mbps of upload. Obviously the price also rises, stood in 44.90 euros per month.

The Summary of features Movistar Fusion fiber zero is as follows:

  • Fixed line rate flat on calls to fixed national.
  • Fixed connection with 100 Mbps downstream and 10Mbps upload.
  • Calls to 0 cents/min + 15 cents of establishment of a call from the mobile.
  • 100 MB of traffic at maximum speed (reduced to 64 Kbps).
  • Monthly fee of 44.90 euros per month.

With this new mode of Fusion Movistar seeks customers who require a high-speed connection at home, where the competition is limited the different multichannel, Orange and Vodafone have not even with large deployments of fiber that allows them to compete with the connection of 100 Mb of the ex-monopolio.