Movistar Fusion Zero, The Answer to Cheaper Converged Products

In October saw the light a new offering of Movistar which was called to revolutionize the market and so it was. We met Fusion, the choice of the historical operator to join in a single invoice, fixed ADSL and mobile which forced to respond to all competitors.

And already spent more than half of the year since its launch without hardly news Movistar has decided to respond to the alternatives that they have submitted other operators with lower monthly fee with a new option, apparently lower than other rates, call Fusion zero.

Movistar Fusion zero is nothing more than a new option available from the 25th linking fixed, ADSL and mobile by 34,90 euro per month, which means a saving of 15 euros per month with respect to the merger that we already knew but in Exchange for sacrificing mobile calls from the landline and calls and much of the megas included in the mobile line. The following are the complete features:

  • 10 Mbps ADSL.
  • Fixed line rate flat at fixed national.
  • Mobile with calls to 0 cents per minute + 0.15 euros from property.
  • 100 MB maximum speed from the mobile navigation, then reduced to 64 kbps.
  • Final price of 34,90 euro per month.

Unlike the previous Fusion is only can be combined with the ADSL connection but if that allows you to add different packages of TV channels and add additional mobile lines, with 500 minutes and 1 GB for 20 euros a month or zero Movistar rate.

Unattractive face competition

As we have already said Fusion zero search counter those converged offerings that have launched the alternative lower priced than Fusion that may be causing to Movistar the flight of much of potential customers that do not require as much as 500 minutes in calls and 1 GB of Internet from the mobile phone and that are currently lowest rates in other operators.

The most direct rivals would be the savings 100 Pack of Jazztel, the Integral Base 2 of Vodafone and babysitting 35 of Orange, all of them priced around 35 euros and with clear advantages over the new option of Movistar, not only to include calls to mobiles from the fixed but because in addition all include at least 100 minutes on calls from mobile phones.

Seen this one may wonder as Movistar launches Fusion zero to compete against rivals that apparently are all higher, but the ex-monopolio has a clear advantage, its ADSL coverage. Jazztel or Vodafone or Orange have a so extensive as Movistar’s fixed Internet coverage, so this is the Trump of the operator, only alternative in many Territories which only have their coverage.