Movistar Includes in Your Web Las Rates of Prepayment of Tuenti Mobile Do Possible Movements?

After several changes of name, from your Mobile Tuenti, and out of a beta phase that benefited the first customers with inaccessible advantages now, the virtual social network operator began his way offering all its services exclusively on their website.

Amid some criticism of its users by service almost exclusive customer Web Mobile Tuenti began to leave the network with the distribution of its services at certain points of sale Fnac, Telecor and Movistar but is now the jump It has also occurred to the web of the latter.

By many it is known that Movistar was made with 85% of Tuenti for a 70 million euros beyond 2010 but despite that relationship It is not that both operators have had many public ties, In addition to the store Movistar distributed mobile Tuenti, it was apart from the virtual count with the coverage of the first.

But it seems that this lack of public relation is to change and that today any that you see on the web of Movistar prepaid rates will be with the operator’s own both the Tuenti, which are referred to as “company of the Telefónica Group”.

At the moment all we can see of Tuenti mobile Web of Movistar are the rates available, not to mention that the same prepayment are valid for contract, and the possibility of acquiring a smartphones but in either case If we want to know more information addresses us already outside the web of Tuenti.

A possible movement?

This unexpected inclusion of the Tuenti mobile rates in the Movistar website does nothing but fan speculation of because there has been. Lately it has been Tuenti mobile beyond Internet, see its environment of origin, with a strong advertising campaign in media, including television, seeking to publicize the less interesting rates.

But managing our thinking a little further would could be thinking Movistar in? replace their fees prepaid by the mobile Tuenti? Finally after all would not be more than a movement similar to the effected by Vodafone with yu rates:, bridging the gap that in this case the rates are characteristic, not of a third operator.

Besides combat to rates of prepayment of other rather more interesting than the de Movistar this operators could be a movement to recover land in this segment, with a renewal of rates required by the outdated of their own, offering Internet for 1.90 euros per day or three euros a week, Tuenti offers 1 GB per month for six euros.

Now for my question is simple how much to take to see how all the Movistar shops begin to sell SIM cards of mobile Tuenti?