Movistar Introduces ZTE Open, Its First Mobile with Firefox OS. Available from Today

Movistar just launch the ZTE Open, the first smartphone that sells an operator with operating system Firefox OS. The phone will be available from today 69 euros in pre-paid, with 30 euros of balance included in the offer. Or under contract, financed in two years by 2,38 EUR per month.

The phone, which we could tinker during the Mobile World Congress, offers basic specifications (Cortex A5 processor of 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 3.15 megapixel camera and microSD slot) and has a compact size (touch screen of 3.5 inches and 12.5 mm thick) similar to the Geeksphone Keon which we looked at Firefox OS.

With Facebook and Tuenti, but without Whatsapp

The web is more powerful than any other commercial ecosystem

He said it this morning Mitchell Baker, President Mozilla. System and Firefox OS applications are developed in HTML5 and other open web standards, according to Movistar do not need more than 256 megs of RAM to function correctly.

In the Firefox Marketplace We will find common as Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, EA games or games indie as Cut The Rope. But no trace now of Whatsapp, which has an undeniable market share in Spain and Latin America (where Telefonica will sell the ZTE Open).

With regard to the updates, Movistar will be via OTA update the kernel and the Gecko engine to avoid fragmentation of versions. The phone is aimed at young and first-time users, and you’ll soon have our analysis.


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